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Divorce Co-Parenting

So many questions come up when parents divorce. How can you best protect your children from the negative impacts of your divorce?  What do children of divorcing parents need at different stages of their development?  Seeking out co-parenting counseling helps take the pressure off of parents to hold all of their children’s needs in mind while also embarking themselves on this major life event. 
A co-parenting counselor can help you with many areas: 

  • Figuring out how and when to talk to your children about separation and divorce, 

  • Choosing the best transitional living arrangements before one or both parents move out of the family home

  • Understanding children’s reactions to separation and divorce and offering practical coping strategies

  • Creating a parenting plan for best custody and holiday schedules. 


As a certified mediator with the Northern California Mediation Center, and child therapist with over 20 years of experience, I’m glad to offer my services a a co-parent counselor to help your family navigate the challenges of divorce.

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