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Being in a relationship is rewarding, but hard work.  In fact, relationships can be particularly difficult because they mean so much to us and we invest so much in them-our hopes, our futures, and our sense of ourselves. When you reach a place of conflict in your relationship, it means that you have in fact reached an opportunity for growth.  My clients have found me helpful in transforming these areas of conflict into the opportunity for growth and development, in developing better tools for effective communication, problem solving, and mutual understanding. 


Here are some areas that I have worked with effectively:

  • Sexual/intimacy difficulties

  • Parenting

  • Communication and conflict problems

  • Infidelity

  • Premarital counseling

  • Major life transitions 

  • Trauma and loss

  • Infertility/adoption

  • Step-parenting and blended families

  • Migration/relocation issues


These areas are by no means exhaustive.  Feel free to call me to discuss your specific areas of concern.

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